Wavesurfer.js – Interactive Navigable Audio Visualization

Wavesurfer.js is a javascript library to create interactive navigable audio visualization using Web Audio and HTML5 Canvas. With wavesurfer.js you can create a cute HTML5 audio player or a sophisticated DJ application. get it here


Ghost Ship Mobile UI Kit Free

Ghost Ship UI Kit Free comes with 20 screens across 7 categories made in Photoshop PSD format. It’s also vector based, so don’t get scared off by the exact dimensions. get it here


Restive.js – Make Website Responsive or Adaptive Easily

Restive.js is a jQuery Plugin that helps you quickly and easily add features to your Web Site to enable it respond and adapt to virtually every Web-enabled Device. Using a combination of Device Detection, Advanced Breakpoints Management, and Orientation Management, Restive.js will give your Web site an uncanny ability to stay robust in the face […]


Textures.js – SVG patterns

Textures.js is a JavaScript library for creating SVG patterns.Made on top of d3.js, it is designed for data visualization. A repo by Riccardo Scalco. get it here


Product Preview Slider

An easy way to show more product images and variations right in the product gallery. While you scroll through pages of products, you often base your decision to “know more” about a product on pictures only. Visual impact, in particular on mobile devices, is essential to everyone’s buying process. What if a product is available […]


Type.js – Take Finer Typographic Control on the Web

Type.js is a typography tools for better web type. It allows you to write new CSS properties to take finer typographic control of type styles on the web. Set up is simple. Upload type.js to your site, and link it in your HTML, just before the end of the body. get it here


CSS SANS – The Font Created by CSS

What CSS can do is changing the layout of web pages, typesetting, adjusting letter spacing and so on. Yet, there was one thing that CSS couldn’t do. That is “To design a character itself.” And that’s why we have CSS SANS. They have designed letters from A to Z by facilitating the various factors of […]


WHITE: One-Page HTML Theme

Creative one-page HTML theme is perfect for personal portfolio, creative agency, designer portfolio and more. Every detail and animation effect made with passion and professional skills. get it here


Youmax – Youtube Channel on your Website

Youmax is a jQuery plugin used to display any YouTube channel on your website. Basically the plugin displays the below items: Channel header Uploads of the channel in a tab Any playlist that you specify will be displayed as a tab A page that displays all PlayLists of a Channel get it here


Select3 –Selection Library for jQuery

Select3 is a modular and lightweight selection library for jQuery and Zepto.js Benefits Rich UI. Select boxes made by Select3 have rich functionality, work out of the box and are customizable. Modular. Select3’s modular approach is aimed to make it easy to create custom builds with just the features that you care about and to […]


Build Cross-Platorm Native Apps with JavaScript

With NativeScript you can use your JavaScript and CSS skills to write native mobile applications for iOS, Android and (very soon) Windows Phone. There is no WebView involved in rendering the app, as the UI is rendered by the native platform’s rendering engine. Because of that, the app’s entire UX is native. get it here


Flipside – Button to modal

Flipside is a button that seamlessly transitions from action to confirmation created with few lines of CSS and jQuery. get it here


ExcelJS – Excel Workbook Manager

Read, manipulate and write spreadsheet data and styles to XLSX and JSON. Reverse engineered from Excel spreadsheet files as a project. get it here


AnimatedModal.js – Fullscreen Modal with CSS3 Transitions

AnimatedModal.js is a jQuery plugin to create a fullscreen modal with CSS3 transitions. You can use the transitions by animate.css or create your own transitions by yourself. It supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE 10+. It is licensed under MIT License. get it here


Swiper – A Free Modern Mobile Touch Slider

Swiper is the free and most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior. It is intended to be used in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native/hybrid apps. Designed mostly for iOS, but also works great on latest Android, Windows Phone 8 and modern Desktop browsers get it here


Plyr – A Simple, Accessible HTML5 Media Player

Plyr is a simple HTML5 media player with custom controls and WebVTT captions. It’s a lightweight, accessible and customisable media player that just supports modern browsers. Sure, there are many other players out there but they made it to keep things simple, using the right elements for the job. There is full support for captions […]


Create Scalable and Responsive Sites with Kickoff

Kickoff is a lightweight front-end framework for creating scalable, responsive sites. As front-end developers, the type of project we work on is becoming more and more diverse. Kickoff aims to help keep a consistent structure and style across all of your projects, without adding the bloat that other frameworks can lead to. get it here