Min-The 995 byte CSS framework that supports IE5.5+


Exceptional browser support

Min supports IE5.5+, FF3+, Opera 9+, and Safari 4+, the best browser support of any CSS framework by far. Unfortunately, IE5.5 does not support border-radius and as such does not have rounded button corners. That said, IE5.5 users will be so surprised to see a site load correctly they will overlook this.

Ridiculously small

Min is only 995 bytes, so it will never slow down your website unlike bulky frameworks like Bootstrap. Min also does not require Javascript. Pages built with Min can load faster than a blink of an eye. (Average loading times for three Min pages tested were 334ms; a human eye blink is 400ms.)


Min is extremely lightweight and doesn’t prescribe a certain design for you, like Bootstrap. It’s easy to override the default rules since there are so few of them and they are at low specificity levels. This customizability helps you avoid the Yet Another Bootstrap Site phenomenon.

Semantic markup

Min uses the new HTML5 semantic elements liberally, has clear and short class names, and uses <div>s sparingly. Patients that switched from Bootstrap to Min reported up to a ninefold decrease in markup and drastic improvements in most cases of divitis. Ask your CSS-atrician if Min is right for you.


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