Flat UI Pro 1.2.3 Released


List of changes in Flat UI Pro 1.2.3:


  • Form elements added: legend, .help-block;
  • New “File input” module, developed on the basis of jasny’s fileinput.js, added;
  • input-groups.less module substantially modified and supplemented by new elements for better compatibility with Bootstrap 3;
  • Other minor changes.


  • navbar.less module completely remade;
  • Possibility to set navbar size added, and now indents and font size in default and inverted navbars are the same;
  • support of basic navbar elements added: navbar-form, navbar-btn, navbar-text, navbar-link;
  • fixed-top, fixed-bottom, static-top support added.

If you aren’t a buyer of Flat UI Pro, you have an opportunity to purchase the new version!

Flat UI Pro on GitHub.