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Twitter GUI redesigned PSD

Here is a new flat-style user interface for Twitter redesigned by Marie Dehayes. Free PSD available for download. get it here


FM Radio UI for iOS7

A FM Radio user interface for iOS7. Free PSD designed and released by Olia Gozha. get it here


Mail App MockUp

Today’s featured resource is a PSD template released by tkreative. It’s fully customizable with vector shapes and it can be used to create your own app or just  for inspiration get it here


iOS7 Passcode Interface

A faithful recreation of the passcode interface on iOS 7. This one is for education purposes, but it’s fun to deconstruct things and look at how this popular interface was designed, for inspiration in your own design work. get it here


Free Disk Space Widget

A unique, colourful take on the idea of a disk space indicator, breaking down what the various different uses are (each with its own colour). Something that would feel particularly at home in a mobile app design!  get it here


Profile UI widget

Here is a simple but fancy profile UI widget. Free PSD created and released by Ana Karen. get it here


Social app concept

Here is an elegant social app concept design. Free PSD designed and released by Olia Gozha. get it here


UX gesture set

Here is a set of 12 illustrated gestures that you can find useful for explaining what your app can do. Free PSD created by Gaoyoungor. Download here