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iPresenter – jQuery Plugin for Presentations, Galleries and Sliders

iPresenter is a simple and powerful jQuery plugin that makes it easy to design advanced CSS3 presentations, galleries andsliders. Features Highly Flexible and Customizable. Highly User Interface Design. Multiple instances allowed in a single HTML page. Custom per slide easing. Multilanguage support. Works on iOS & Android devices. Auto slideshow with optional pause on hover. Compatible with external fonts […]


Owl Carousel 2 – jQuery Responsive and Touch Friendly Carousel

OWL Carousel 2 is a fully responsive and touch friendly carousel for jQuery/Zepto. New features Brand new code Infinity Loop Handle 1000’s items on mobile devices Smart Speed Stage Padding YouTube/Vimeo support (fetching thumbnails as well) RTL Ability to make almost all option responsive Various Widths Callback Events Fixed click delegation issues Anchors navigation Item Margin […]


jQuery lightSlider – Lightweight Responsive Content Slider

jQuery lightSlider is a lightweight touchable responsive content slider. Main Features Fully responsive – will adapt to any device. Supports touch devices and swiping. Gallery mode to create an image slideshow with thumbnails Small file size (6kb) (minified), fully themed, simple to implement. CSS transitions with jQuery fallback. Full callback API and public methods. Auto play […]


Powerange – iOS 7 Style Range Slider

Powerange is a range slider control, inspired heavily by iOS 7. It is easily customizable, both by CSS and JavaScript. With it’s many features, including changing color and overall style, switching between horizontal and vertical style, custom min, max and start values, custom step interval, displaying decimal values, displaying icons instead of min/max numbers, it is […]


A-Slider – Responsive Slider With Audio Support

A-Slider is a simple, responsive slider with audio support. It’s easy to use, highly configurable slider. Features No dependencies except jQuery; works well with Twitter Bootstrap if required Specify optional audio for each slide Specify slide duration individually for each slide Supports multiple sliders on the same page Uses CSS 3 transitions for better performance Slide […]


tCycle – Tiny jQuery Slideshow Plugin

tCycle is a minimalist jQuery slideshow plugin that won’t blow your bandwidth budget. It supports the following features: Auto-initialization Declarative options Variable timeout Variable speed Cross-fade transitions Scroll transitions get it here


jQuery.TosRUs – Responsive, Lightbox Alternative for Scrolling/Swiping Any Content

jQuery.TosRUs plugin is a great lightbox alternative for scrolling/swipingthrough any kind of content. On a desktop, tablet or smartphone, inside a HTML element or as a lightbox popup. It’s responsive by default. Features Responsive CSS interface for sizing and positioning. Creates lightbox galleries just as easy as “inline” sliders. Drag or swipe to slide to the next/previous slide(s). Doubletab […]