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Immutable.js – Immutable Collections for JavaScript

Immutable data cannot be changed once created, leading to much simpler application development, no defensive copying, and enabling advanced memoization and change detection techniques with simple logic. Persistent data presents a mutative API which does not update the data in-place, but instead always yields new updated data. Immutable.js provides Persistent Immutable List, Stack, Map, OrderedMap, […]


FormatJS – Internationalize Your Web Applications

FormatJS is a modular collection of JavaScript libraries for internationalization that are focused on formatting numbers, dates, and strings for displaying to people. It includes a set of core libraries that build on the JavaScript Intl built-ins and industry-wide i18n standards, plus a set of integrations for common template and component libraries. get it here

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jQuery iBacor Google Plus Streaming

jQuery iBacor Google Plus Streaming is jQuery plugin to display your Google+ timeline steams (posts, photos, videos, article) on your website. Features: Display all timeline, shared urls+thumb, plusone count, comment count, shared count. Popup photos & play videos using Fancybox plugin. Css3 responsive. Awesome icon using fontawesome. get it here


Chartify – Make Google Charts Out of HTML Tables

Chartify is a jQuery plugin that takes data in <table> form and transforms it into Google Charts <img>elements. Currently supported chart types Bar charts Pie charts Venn charts A simple gender diagram get it here


jRate – jQuery Rating Plugin

jRate is a jQuery plugin that helps to generate RATING with various features. Display multi-colored STARs. Customize own shapes like Square, Rhombus, Circle, Star. Customized their required dimensional way. Show Ratings horizontally or vertically. get it here


ECharts – Interactive Charting Library

ECharts is a comprehensive charting library offering a painless way of adding interactive charts to your products. ECharts currently supports line, column, scatter, pie, radar, candlestick, chord, gauge, funnel, map and force-directed chart types, many of these can be combined in one chart. get it here


Snabbt.js-Fast animations with javascript and CSS transforms

snabbt.js is a minimalistic javascript animation library. It focuses on moving things around. It will translate, rotate, scale, skew and resize your elements. By including matrix multiplication operations, transforms can be combined in any way you want. The end result is then set via CSS3 transform matrices. snabbt.js is built to be fast. It will […]


bselect – Custom Select for Bootstrap

bselect is the select decorator component that was missing forBootstrap. Features Bootstrap-like dropdown decorator for <select> elements Easy to use, a simple jQuery call Doesn’t require any Bootstrap CSS or JS to work Support for internationalization ARIA ready get it here