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Push Js- JavaScript Notifications API

Push is the fastest way to get up and running with Javascript desktop notifications. A fairly new addition to the official specification, the Notification API allows modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE 9+ to push notifications to a user’s desktop. Push acts as a cross-browser solution to this API, falling back to […]


SweetAlert for Bootstrap

A beautiful replacement for JavaScript’s “alert” This is just a clone for Bootstrap of the original SweetAlert. get it here



A BEAUTIFUL REPLACEMENT FOR JAVASCRIPT’S “ALERT” SweetAlert automatically centers itself on the page and looks great no matter if you’re using a desktop computer, mobile or tablet. It’s even highly customizeable. get it here


Simply Toast

Simple toast messages for jQuery (and friends) get it here


Detects Outdated Browsers and Advises Users to Upgrade

Outdated Browser is a time saving tool for developers. It detects outdated browsers and advises users to upgrade to a new version. So, you’re tired of people visiting your modern website with an outdated browser and not doing anything about it. Maybe they aren’t “power” users, maybe it’s your auntie running a last century browser trying to […]


jReject – jQuery Browser Rejection Plugin

jReject is a simple, light-weight library designed to display a popup based on a the browser, specific browser version, specific platforms, or rendering engine. Provides full customization of the popup. Uses a small CSS file, and can easily be used on page load or during a specific page event. Also provides a flexible way to beautifully […]