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Picturefill – Responsive Images Approach

picturefill is a responsive images approach that you can use today that mimics the proposed picture element using spans, for safety sake.  Picturefill works best in browsers that support CSS3 media queries get it here


jQuery.TosRUs – Responsive, Lightbox Alternative for Scrolling/Swiping Any Content

jQuery.TosRUs plugin is a great lightbox alternative for scrolling/swipingthrough any kind of content. On a desktop, tablet or smartphone, inside a HTML element or as a lightbox popup. It’s responsive by default. Features Responsive CSS interface for sizing and positioning. Creates lightbox galleries just as easy as “inline” sliders. Drag or swipe to slide to the next/previous slide(s). Doubletab […]


Fluidbox – jQuery Plugin for Beautiful Lightboxes

Fluidbox is a jQuery plugin that replicate the distraction-free, fluid lightbox seen on Medium, and to improve on it such that it will allow linking to a larger-resolution image. It works on mobile and also plugin deals with higher resolution, linked images elegantly, such that it only preloads them when users click on the thumbnails. get it here


jQuery Tip Cards

Tip Cards plugin let you create a layout of cards with a card-like interaction that you see on Google Tips Page. Also several new animation options added so that you can personalize it. get it here


neatShow.js – jQuery Plugin to Fade In Images Beautifully

neatShow.js is a jQuery plugin to fade in images beautifully on your website. When neatShow is applied to an image, it will wait until the image has finished downloading, then instantly fades it in regardless of other images or activity on the page. Works reliably with all images in any state, including downloading, download complete and […]


How to Create Beautiful Photosets with jQuery & CSS

Terry Mun has shared an tutorial for Creating Beautiful Photosets with jQuery and CSS. It fits into a fluid width layout. It is fully customisable, such that one can dictate the layout as desired, preferably in a straight forward, fuss-free manner. All images fit snugly into a single row, but their widths are adjusted accordingly so […]


jQuery Flipping Gallery

Flipping Gallery let you create a simple but beautiful 3D flipping gallery using minimal HTML markups and one JS call. Download here