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iPresenter – jQuery Plugin for Presentations, Galleries and Sliders

iPresenter is a simple and powerful jQuery plugin that makes it easy to design advanced CSS3 presentations, galleries andsliders. Features Highly Flexible and Customizable. Highly User Interface Design. Multiple instances allowed in a single HTML page. Custom per slide easing. Multilanguage support. Works on iOS & Android devices. Auto slideshow with optional pause on hover. Compatible with external fonts […]


Instagram Infinite Scroll

Instagram Infinite Scroll is a single page Infinite Scroll app built using jQuery, and CSS. get it here


Photopile JS – A Pile of Photos Scattered on Surface

Photopile JS is a JavaScript/jQuery image gallery that simulates a pile of photos scattered about on a surface. Thumbnail clicks remove photos from the pile, (enlarging them as if being picked up by the user), and once in view a secondary click returns the photo to the pile. Thumbnails are draggable, enhancing the experience by allowing […]


jQuery lightSlider – Lightweight Responsive Content Slider

jQuery lightSlider is a lightweight touchable responsive content slider. Main Features Fully responsive – will adapt to any device. Supports touch devices and swiping. Gallery mode to create an image slideshow with thumbnails Small file size (6kb) (minified), fully themed, simple to implement. CSS transitions with jQuery fallback. Full callback API and public methods. Auto play […]


Slick – jQuery carousel plugin

Slick is a fully responsive jQuery carousel plugin that supports many useful options and touch swiping. Coded by kenwheeler. get it here


Scattered Polaroids gallery effect

Here’s a flat-style Polaroid gallery effect where the items are scattered randomly in a container. A javascript plugin released by Codrops. get it here


tCycle – Tiny jQuery Slideshow Plugin

tCycle is a minimalist jQuery slideshow plugin that won’t blow your bandwidth budget. It supports the following features: Auto-initialization Declarative options Variable timeout Variable speed Cross-fade transitions Scroll transitions get it here


ABigImage – View Big Versions of Images

ABigImage is jQuery plugin for viewing big versions of images. Features Uses link’s href attribute for large images. Clicking image opens next one, clicking left side opens previous, clicking right side closes image. Hotkeys for next, previous and close buttons. Preloading of next and previous images. Fully customizable styles. Customizable top and bottom areas. get it here