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Chocolat.js – jQuery Responsive Lightbox Plugin

Chocolat.js enables you to display one or several images staying on the same page. The choice is left to the user to group together a series of pictures as a link, or let them appear as thumbnails. The viewer may appears full-page or in a block. Chocolat comes with an API and multiples CSS classes […]



A lightweight and simple JavaScript, Jquery, YUI plugin to crop your avatar support dataUrl for displaying image (function getAvatar) support Blob for uploading image (function getBlobFile) get it here


Makes the Height of Selected Elements Equal with jQuery

MatchHeight.js makes the height of all selected elements exactly equal. It’s a more robust equal heights plugin that correctly handles mixed padding, margin, border, box-sizing, rows, groups. It handles images and responsive layouts by automatically updating when needed. get it here


baguetteBox.js -lightbox script in pure JavaScript

  Written in pure JavaScript, no dependencies required Multiple galleries support with custom options each Touch-screen devices support with swipe gestures Modern and minimal look Image captions support Responsive images CSS3 transitions SVG buttons, no extra files to download Around 1.9KB gzipped get it here


jQuery Shuffle Images

Shuffle Images let you display and shuffle multiple images by moving cursor around or several other ways to trigger. It can also be used to create an interactive animation on multiple static images at once. get it here