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Powerange – iOS 7 Style Range Slider

Powerange is a range slider control, inspired heavily by iOS 7. It is easily customizable, both by CSS and JavaScript. With it’s many features, including changing color and overall style, switching between horizontal and vertical style, custom min, max and start values, custom step interval, displaying decimal values, displaying icons instead of min/max numbers, it is […]


Colpick – Photoshop Style Color Picker jQuery Plugin

Colpick is a lightweight jQuery color picker plugin with RGB, HSB and HEX fields, several skins and layouts. No images! Just a JS and a CSS file Very intuitive Photoshop-like interface Light and dark easy-to-customize CSS3 skins 28 KB total loaded by the browser Works and looks nice even on IE7 Extremely easy to implement get it here


Editable Table – Editable jQuery Bootstrap Spreadsheet

Editable Table is a tiny jQuery plugin turns any table into an editable spreadsheet. Features Works well with Bootstrap Works on a normal HTML table Supports validation and change events Uses standard DOM focus for selection Native copy/paste support get it here


Goal Progress – Animated Progress Bar using jQuery

Goal Progress plugin allows you to create an animated progress bar using jQuery. Just fill in the required input and the plugin calculates the progress of your goal and animates the bar. You can specify text to put before and after the amount raised. get it here


Select.js – Styleable Select Elements

Select.js is a Javascript and CSS library for creating styleable select elements. It aims to reproduce the behavior of native controls as much as is possible, while allowing for complete styling with CSS. get it here