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Instant – Personal Portfolio Theme

Framework Used: Bootstrap 3.1.1 Instant is a 3 pages theme created specially for freelancers wanting to showcase their work with a nice and minimal style. Comes with an index/portfolio page, an about page and a project page. Easy to configure. Got your portfolio page in minutes. get it here


ApplePie-Better way to build web interfaces

As a web developer you read more code than you write, so it’s quite important to keep your code clear, readable, consistent and explicit. ApplePie naming and organization conventions are built to bring standards to frontend development. get it here


Pop – Extensible iOS and OS X Animation Library

Pop is an extensible animation engine for iOS and OS X. In addition to basic static animations, it supports spring and decay dynamic animations, making it useful for building realistic, physics-based interactions. get it here


OneEngine-Multipurpose WordPress Free Theme

free One Page WordPress theme called OneEngine, which you can download FREE WORDPRESS THEME or FREE PSD. Take a look attachments for real pixel. This theme designed based on 1170px grid system and use Google Font Lato & Icon Font Awesome. Preview images taken from Unsplash & Behance. Please use at your will. get it here


Kindling Grid

A responsive grid system, with some trace elements of style and markup. get it here


Fries v2.0.3

Create sexy Android-like UI using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  get it here