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Pancake.io Makes Static Sites Easily

Pancake is built on a simple idea — to publish static sites easily, whether from your Dropbox account or from a git repository. Pancake reads files from your Dropbox folder, and makes them available from the web. You can embed an automatically updating list of your Dropbox files on any website. There is a Built-in Generator […]


Socket.IO – A Fast & Reliable Real-Time Engine

Socket.IO enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication. It works on every platform, browser or device, focusing equally on reliability and speed. You can push data to clients that gets represented as real-time counters, charts or logs. Starting in 1.0, it’s possible to send any blob back and forth: image, audio, video. And it allows users to concurrently […]


React Bootstrap

The most popular front-end framework, rebuilt for React. get it here


MotoCortex.js-Web animations made easy

MotorCortex makes web animations easy, providing the ability to describe them through CSS-like syntax and stop messing animation logic with your actual javascript code get it here


Base-Super,simple Responsive Framework

A super simple, responsive framework built for all devices big, small and in-between Fast and lightweight. It comes with all the basic essentials to get you started on your next web project. get it here


WinJS – Windows Library for JavaScript

WinJS is actively developed by the WinJS developers working for Microsoft Open Technologies, in collaboration with the community of open source developers. Together they are dedicated to creating the best possible solution for HTML/JS/CSS application development. WinJS is a set of JavaScript toolkits that allow developers to build applications using HTML/JS/CSS technology forged with the following principles […]


App.js – JavaScript UI Library for Mobile Web Apps

App.js is a lightweight JavaScript UI library for creating mobile webapps that behave like native apps, sacrificing neither performance nor polish. It’s cross-platform, themable platform-specific UI designs, configurable native-like transitions. And it supports built-in widgets for general use-cases. The goal of App.js is to provide a robust starting point for mobile webapps, handling general scenarios, and […]