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12 free SVG loaders

A set of 12 loader icons built purely in SVG, no CSS or JS. Created and released by Sam. get it here


Tumblr Style Cog Spinners

Tumblr-style cog loading animation made with CSS and SVG icons designed by Jiri Silha. get it here


Flat Preloaders

Set of animated preloaders, that was made using simple shapes and trendy colors. This resource will perfectly fit your flat designed app or web projects. get it here


Interactive Loading Animation

This is a simple pulsing animation made in CSS. Hover over the squares to make them spin. Nothing complicated, just having some fun. This is a variation of a previously posted animation. get it here


Pure CSS loaders kit

Here is a set of 12 funny loaders coded with only CSS. A code snippet created by Viduthalai Mani. get it here