Built with Macaw-Portfolio Design


I have been a follower of this awesome app ever since it appeared on kickstarter.This weekend i had some free time so gave it a try.I am a designer as well as developer.I have been doing designs in Photoshop then switched to sketch for obvious reasons.Photoshop was never meant to do interface design.Its a great image editing tool but not for user interface design.
So i started using sketch which by the way is awesome but then after sometime i started feeling that i am redoing stuff first in sketch then in code.I know many people will say that Designing in the browser is the approach to take but it has its own limitations.I am just not able to think creatively while designing in the browser,i just need a visual canvas to work on but at the same time i also did’nt wanted to redo everything again in code.

Macaw entered the scene with a promise of “Stop writing code and start drawing it”.Initially i was skeptical about this becasue i had tried adobe’s dreamweaver and edge-reflow  but was highly disappointed with the outputted code.It was just not readable.

I started using Macaw and found out pretty soon that its not like photoshop or sketch where you just draw anything on the canvas and expect macaw to code it perfectly.It will just not happen.The mistake i did was that i started with Macaw with a designers approach but soon realized you have to think like a developer as well if you want it to work your way.You have to have the basics of HTML/CSS to work with Macaw.

If you are a designer/developer Macaw you will find it super awesome but you should think as a developer too while you draw the layouts.For Designers with no knowledge of coding its a great tool to learn it.For Developers who wants to learn design, this is the tool.

I have redesigned my portfolio(http://antrikshkumar.com/playground/portfolio-macaw/) but this time with Macaw and was amazed by the code output.Its as good as hand-coding.Its still a work in progress,have to do the responsive part of it next.

Macaw is still in its early stages and have several features missing but i am pretty confident that it will pull it off.

All the best Macaw team.You guys rock.