The Definitive All-in-one Graphical Tool-Kit for Micros and Terminals.
There's a lot of micros and a lot of        this future has arrived.
  graphics modes. Today there's CGA,          
  Hercules, MDA, and EGA. And that's only     Use primitives like buttons, "toolbars"
  on the IBM-PC.                              and various "widgets" that will control
                                              your application. We handle rendering
  What about Tandy, CDC, Honeywell,           these abstractions on screen for you.
  DEC, and Zenith? That's a different          
  problem. How about the portables on         Think of your software in terms of
  tomorrows' horizon? Plan to ignore the      Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pull-Downs.
  Compaq-1? Your customers won't.             Even a WIMP can do it (TM).

  Such incompatibilities shouldn't be         That's the new paradigm of full-screen
  your concern. You focus on making           interactive applications. Give your
  great microcomputer applications. We        customers the rich interface that are
  focus on making your application work       easy to use and also, easy to create.
  on tomorrow's computer.                     Give yourself that one-leg up on your
                                              competition. GUI is Good. GUI is God.
  It's called a "Graphical User Interface"    
  They've been in development for years       Just look at how beautiful
  at places like XEROX Parc in Palo Alto      your application can look with
  and Carnegie Mellon. And now, finally       BOOTSTRAP/386:

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    It is fantastic!! Congratulation for your idea!

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